App Driven Car Service Uber is Coming to Myrtle Beach

One of those little birds have sung to us again and has informed us that Uber, an app driven car service  is coming to Myrtle Beach. Uber is in currently in 70 cities and all around the world. 

Uber is pretty simple to use. You download their app, say you need a pick up and in a few minutes one of their drivers is there to whisk you off to where ever you need to go. As for pricing, it is similar to metered taxis, but payment is handled through the Uber app (paypal) and not through the driver. Additionally, if the Uber car is traveling at a speed greater than 11 mph, the price is based on distance and calculated through the app. If it's less than 11 mph the price is based on time. When the ride is over payment is transferred and there is no need to tip -actually, the app doesn't give the option but I'm sure a driver would never turn down cash. 

Uber has gotten some flack recently for their "surge pricing" where during times of high volume (holidays, inclement weather) pricing per ride can sometimes skyrocket. Uber says this is to help attract more drivers. 

Additionally, some cities have taken Uber to task. Suing the company as an unlicensed taxi service

We'll still file this one under rumor until there is 100% confirmation...

Check out the video below to get an idea on how Uber works -the video is from 2012 so some of the info might have changed a little since then.

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