Update: Car service Uber is coming to the Myrtle Beach area

As we first reported, the quazi-Taxi service Uber is coming to the Myrtle Beach area. Yesterday evening, Wednesday, July 2nd, WMBF News ran a piece about Uber coming to Myrtle Beach, and the piece seemed to suggest that there was only a possibility of the service coming to town. 

via WMBF

Uber reps told WMBF News, "We are excited about the potential opportunity to connect riders and drivers in Myrtle Beach."

and the piece went on to say:

The City of Myrtle Beach officials say should Uber come at all, this would all have to be discussed, the number one priority is your safety. Spokesperson Mark Kruea says Uber looks and acts like a taxi service, which is regulated in the city. If adjustments need to be made to the city code, that is to be determined.

Uber can be found across the globe and the company says it's creating 20,000 driver jobs every month. Uber reps say there's potential to come to Myrtle Beach and if the company does decide to come to the area, it will bring job opportunities.

Trust us, Uber is coming to town...and maybe already here, spending money, and creating jobs ;)

Hop on over to WMBF for their full Uber write-up. 

Our rumors and little birdies who sing to us are pretty reliable and we haven't really gone wrong -except for that one about H&M, but we still have faith! 

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