Scam targets Horry Electric customers

According to several local news sources including The Sun News, WPDE and WMBF some residents as well as businesses are recieving call from someone from an out of town number claiming to be from Horry Electric Cooperative telling customers that their electic bill is overdue and that their power will be shut off immediately unless they make a payment over the phone, but police are saying that if you provide your credit card information to the caller the card is then used fraudulently.

Customers will recieve a second statement from Horry Electric if your bill is late and if the bill isn't paid then the customer will recieve a automated call from a local number prior to the electric being shut off. Horry Electric employees will not call the customer directly.

If you have any questions you can call Horry Electric Cooperative at 369-2211. If you think you have been a victim of the scam you can call 248-1520 to speak with an officer.

Sgt. Robert Kegler with the Horry County Police Department says that the county has received a handful of call on this specific scam. Sgt. Kegler said as soon as one person is the victim of a scam, it becomes a serious police matter.

Head to either The Sun News, WPDE or WMBF with video to read more about the scam.

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