Chef Irvine not having any of it from George Hayek Jr

Chef Irvine's TV magic didn't take, Old World Italian set to close

This past January news broke that Food Network would be filming their hit show "Restaurant Impossible" at Old World Italian in Murrells Inlet; the air date for the episode came and went in April and then summer hit.

Normally, summer season is the time for every restaurant to make their money for the year. If you add a national TV appearance, you'd think the restaurant would have its best season in years. But with Mother Nature getting in the way, that doesn't appear to be the case: 

via MBRN

“We’re all feeling the pinch, we can’t sustain the business,” he said. “In 2007, everybody lost their retirement money. Last year when [Hurricane Sandy] hit, the people up north couldn’t go on vacation…In February [right after 'Restaurant Impossible' did a remodel of the restaurant] we did very well. Then in June we had 12 inches of rain, and July was the hottest and rainiest month. We can’t control Mother Nature, and when it rains people don’t want to come out.”

-George Hayek, owner of Old World Italian.

Myrtle Beach Restaurant News is reporting that Old World Italian's last day for service will be Saturday, September 7th. Head over to the source for their complete write-up

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