Myrtle Beach Claims Guinness World Record

Myrtle Beach Claims the Guinness World Record for “Tallest Cupcake Tower” during 75th Anniversary Celebration. 

The City of Myrtle Beach and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce have secured the record for “Tallest Tower of Cupcakes” from Guinness World Records for a 32-tier pyramid created on July 20. The tower included around 7,860 cupcakes that were used to help celebrate the entities’ 75th anniversaries during a community-wide birthday event. 

Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne of Georgetown Cupcakes, featured in TLC’s hit series “DC Cupcakes,” made the delicious treats in their bakery in Washington, D.C., before shuttling them to the event. Following the build, all of thecupcakes were distributed to the crowd for attendees to enjoy.

The cupcake tower soared at 20 feet, 5 inches high, or taller than the average adult giraffe. This record-earning height exceeded the previous record by more than 5 feet. It took 54 volunteers around 2 hours to place these cupcakes on the tower which, with lumber and cupcakes, weighed approximately 3,500 pounds, or the average weight of an adult hippopotamus. 

The plans for the cupcake tower were designed by Jeff and Andrea Ballard with BNB Designs. Both of them were also hands-on during the construction process. 

This distinction from Guinness World Records couldn’t have come without the assistance of Natasha Hanna, with the Law Office of Natasha M. Hanna, and Brad Jordan, with Accord Architects and Engineers, LLC. They served as independent witnesses for the world record attempt.

“The Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina is home to hundreds of attractions and restaurants, dozens of live entertainment venues, and thousands of options for accommodations, not to mention 60 miles of gorgeous coastline,” said Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes.  “We needed a birthday cake for our 75th anniversary that reflected this scale while also providing the community and our visiting vacationers an opportunity to enjoy their own sweet piece of the celebration. Creating the World’s Tallest Tower of Cupcakes was the answer.”

The tower was built during a free, public birthday event that included legendary beach music from bands including The Original Drifters®, The Catalinas and Dennis Edward’s Temptations Review. An estimated 5,000 people, both visitors and community members, attended the event managed by Palmetto Event Productions, who also constructed the cupcake tower. 

“What we hear again and again from the people who visit our area each year is that we are a fun, hospitable and unforgettable destination,” said Brad Dean, President and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB. “Creating a 20-foot-tall cupcake tower next to the ocean, and then enjoying these delicious treats as a group, reflects just the spirit which Myrtle Beach is known for.”

The City of Myrtle Beach was incorporated in 1938, the same year that the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce was founded. Since then, Myrtle Beach has grown into a great place to live and work and one of the premier beach vacation destinations in the world. Today, some 15 million people visit the region’s 60 miles of coastline each year to enjoy the delicious coastal Carolina cuisine, live entertainment, attractions and recreational opportunities that have made the Grand Strand famous.

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