UFO spotted on July 4th in Myrtle Beach?

***Insert Will Smith, Independence Day joke here***

Was there a black object flying around near 72nd Avenue N. and 82nd Avenue N.? 

One eagle-eye resident seems to think so, Redditor 'onebat4u' posted this on the /r/MyrtleBeach subreddit last night:

"We were somewhere between 78th n and 82nd n myrtle beach on the beach between 9 and 10 PM , there was something round and black moving slow across the the edge of the ocean, it looked like it was 20' in the air (but could have been higher)"

Some others who commented on the thread suggested it might have been a toy drone taking video of the fireworks, a boat, or helicopters that were spotted earlier in the evening. But a few pointed to the fact that the Grand Strand is becoming more known for its UFO sightings.

Check out some of the past stories on UFOs being spotted around town:

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And, even a local film maker (film above) was up for a Vimeo best Documentary award a few years back with his film about a UFO welcome center just a few hours away right here in South Carolina -coincidence?...we think not. 


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