Idea proposed to shut down Ocean Blvd traffic -Um, what?

I'm sure the tourists and local teens will love this... 

via WMBF news

Cruising the boulevard is part of beach culture, but now city leaders suggest stopping traffic in a certain section of Ocean Boulevard.

The idea comes from Mayor John Rhodes during a brainstorming session on Wednesday, and suggests closing down the boulevard from 9th Avenue North to Mr. Joe White Avenue. City leaders want to get people out of their cars and into local shops.


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I read the article and it

I read the article and it seems interesting because as a local, I know the traffic there is terrible so for me it's just easier to park somewhere else and walk into that area. I think it would be a better idea if the area was developed to be no traffic in the first place like a New Orleans style walkabout. The whole oceanfront boardwalk area could be possibly be open to a to go alcohol area like it is in Savannah but it would come with the price of extra police to handle that. I know when I'm walking on the sidewalk I love to see the nice cars that cruise down, and they do it for show, which is fine. People just need to pay attention to where they're walking and not abuse their rights as a pedestrian. On the same token, motorists need to respect pedestrians and stop lights, because you know there's a fair share of people running red lights trying to turn left to get back onto 17 Business.