Much Needed Grant for Area Tech Startups

As reported a couple of days ago, Grand Strand startups got a boost with large SC grant, The Sun News sat down with Mike Schroll, one of the driving forces behind procuring the $250K in matching grant funds for Horry and Georgetown startups. In the article the Startup Initiative is explained in more depth, as well as the economic impact this grant could have on the Grand Strand.

via The Sun News

"With 140 jobs paying $50,000 each per year, the net payroll would be nearly $6 million which would turn into $9.5 million as it is spent through the local economy. He said there could be 382 direct, indirect and other jobs created by the startups that would have a total estimated economic impact of $15.5 million.

Direct state and local taxes paid would amount to $384,000, according to the study.

But the payoff could be even higher, according to figures Schroll supplied from, an online career development and job search company."

Additionally, WBTW took to the story with a different approach, talking with one of the dozens of entrepreneurs the grant could help.

Entrepreneurs like Barb Royal are excited to see how the grant will impact the resources available to her and her business, The website is an online tool allowing children to host charity birthday parties.

She says current resources like Cowork MYR - a co-working space located on 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach - has allowed her to make connections to help her company blossom into a successful venture. 

Check out WBTW's full write-up here and watch their broadcast above. 

Disclosure: TheDigitel Myrtle Beach and Cowork MYR are owned by Cubic Phase Inc and I am a shareholder. Cubic Phase Inc has been a part of the planning and development of the Grand Strand Startup Initiative.

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