Myrtle Beach committee works to make roads safer for bicyclists, pedestrians

Making our roads more bike and pedestrian friendly is a two-way street. It won't just impact those of you who ride your bike or walk; new proposed changes for the City of Myrtle Beach could impact everyone.

Nearly five percent of people are walking to work in Myrtle Beach which is actually double the United States average. This shows how serious Myrtle Beach needs to be about creating more access to these paths.

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Using a world time watch — a

Using a world time watch — a timepiece with global cities arrayed around the dial or bezel, one per timezone — to find what the hour is in, say, Denver or Dubai is one thing. But we can learn much from these replique montres about history, politics and economics if we look at them in the right way.
That is why the Financial Times has examined 25 world time longines replica watches, dating from a 1951 Breitling to 2016 models by Vacheron Constantin, Louis Vuitton and IWC Schaffhausen. We fed all the cities on the watches’ dials and bezels into our system and came up with two lists: the places most mentioned on breitling replica watches between 1951 and 1971, and those most mentioned between 2005 and 2016. You can see the results of this endeavour in the graphic below, the earlier ring on the inside, the later on the outside.