Gawker: Why Do Tourists Love Fudge?

Myrtle Beach gets a mention in this article questioning why tourists just love fudge:

"Travel to any small town popular with tourists, from Myrtle Beach to Santa Fe, and you are sure to find fudge. Not just a piece of a fudge, or a few individual servings of fudge piled among other desserts in a corner of a grocery store, but an entire establishment dedicated to selling fudge. A "fudgery," as they say. A store that, yes, may offer a few glazed nuts, and quirky t-shirts, and candy-covered apples, but which primarily pays its rent and pays its employees and turns a profit solely by selling the public fudge. Imagine, if you will, the sheer tonnage of fudge that it is necessary to sell per year in order to make such a business a going concern. It boggles the mind."

While fudge is awesomely delicious and probably should be part of the food pyramid, the question remains why do tourists love fudge!?!

Of course this begs the question, what else do tourists love? Coupons, Justin Bieber towels, hermit crabs, making that right turn from the middle lane, not knowing north and south (or which way the ocean is)...

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