Quickfoxes.com and Lowcountry Food Bank Join Forces

Quickfoxes.com partners with Lowcountry Food Bank to help better our community.

Quickfoxes.com Joins Forces With Lowcountry Food Bank

The Restaurant Delivery Service Has Donated Over 5,000 Meals!

Quickfoxes.com, the Restaurant Delivery Service for Charleston, North Charleston, and Summerville areas, puts its money where YOUR mouth is - by donating a meal to the Lowcountry Food Bank for every meal that they sell. The Quickfoxes.com program called Meal-For-A-Meal has been in operation only a short time but has already donated more than 5,000 meals to LCFB.

"This is such an exciting program and we are thrilled to be a part of it," said Hollis Tuma, Communications and Special Events Manager. In 2012, the LCFB served over 200,000 people and one out of ever four was a child.

"We are in the business of providing our customers with the best of Charleston's great eateries," said Quickfoxes CEO, Mark Schwartz, "and since we started this program our instincts have proven correct; the people we serve are happy to know that when they order from us, every time, there is the added value of a contribution on their behalf to the wellbeing of our community."

Schwartz also outlined a volunteer program within his company which began recently when nine staffers spent several hours at the LCFB warehouse in North Charleston sorting donations.

Quickfoxes.com, recently named the Best Delivery Service in Charleston, has over 70 restaurants on its roster, conducts a brisk catering business, and offers over 30 other services on its website. Join them in giving back to YOUR community!