Photographer captures South Carolina stereotype in LEGO

Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen loves LEGOs. He has already created a LEGO series called 'The Great LEGO North' that features stereotypes of Canada brought to life in LEGO form; and now he has turned his LEGO loving eye to the 50 States for a new series

via The Huffington Post:

"The 50 States of LEGO" to riff on the impressions, history and stereotypes from each state in the union. Speaking from his home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Friesen told HuffPost that he's confident in his insights into the 50 states -- despite being a native Manitoban.

“I lived in the states for a couple of years, and I’m pretty well-traveled," Friesen said. "I’ve been to about 37 states -- though many of them were visited at high speed while driving.”

 As for South Carolina's stereotype image (above), a gentile southern lady mixed with some off-road beach cruising. Friesen caption for the above South Carolina stereotype?

"Annie May mixes Southern culture both genteel and otherwise in her customized off-road Charleston house."

Check out HuffPo's write-up on Jeff Friesen and his new series or hop on over and check out the 50 United States of LEGO over at