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Boast your post: welcome to Version 2

In honor of our Version 2 launch, TheDigitel team has decided to roll out a series of friendly pointers to help you get the most out of your favorite site for all the best in local coverage and content. 

Today's tip: making the most out of the post box. (No, not the one at your mail office.)

On the homepage, located between the top voted posts and the editor picks lies red the post box (as pictured above). This is your most easily utilizable source for posting an article, sharing a thought or asking a question. 

Posting through this box will automatically redirect you to the full post-submission page, on which you can choose to elaborate on an interesting article or question you may have.

Already said enough? That works, too. Just submit your post as it was posed in the post box and let the conversation begin.

Or you can just point your browser to to submit a post directly.

As always, any other questions can be directed to Also, be sure to check back for more tips on how to maximize your experience coming soon.

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