It fits.

TheDigitel, now with more mobile

The new version of TheDigitel focuses on getting you connected to the best in local coverage faster than ever before — and we also wanted you to get faster connections while grabbing a cup of coffee or waiting between meetings.

If you're thinking that our thinking was spot on, then pull up the next time you're burning a few minutes with your phone. We've made the mobile experience a one-page affair with no left-right scrolling and no need to pinch or double tap to zoom.

Just load, click, and be connected.

A word on compatibility: We've tested on iPhones, and Android Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mobile, but sadly we have no Windows Phone or Blackberry devices on the team. If you do and spot an irregularity or a bit of oddness anywhere on the site (regardless of your desktop or mobile browser preference), we'd love to hear. Drop us a note in the comments or at

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