"Why is South Carolina so..." another map is going viral

People have been having fun with maps and Google autocomplete lately. And the above, "Why is [state] so..." is the newest to come. 

via The Huffington Post

Thanks to the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps, we now have an idea of how the Internet stereotypes all 50 U.S. states. When a search phrase like "Why is Illinois so..." is typed into Google, the search engine autocompletes the sentence with the word that people most commonly write in the search bar next. In this way, Google autocomplete may reveal the deeply held assumptions the public holds about a state.

As you can see, South Carolina's autocomplete isn't the best, but a fair question. Hey, at least we're not boring, flat, or racist; hop on over to HuffPo for the full write-up and follow Amazing_Maps on Twitter for some fun and interesting maps. 

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