Lowcountry man cuts Lincoln Memorial lawn; Earlier: Takes shoes off with chainsaw

By now we think you've heard the name of Chris Cox, a Mount Pleasant man who was peeved to see the National Mall fall into landscape disrepair during the shutdown and took to cutting and cleaning the lawn around the Lincoln Memorial — all while using himself as a mount for the South Carolina flag.

Cox is known locally for running "Cox Carving" where he shapes wood using a chainsaw, and those items can be seen in this January video where the impassioned Washington Red Skins fan cuts off his shoe with a chainsaw.

Check out the video below.

Huge props to Cox for taking action on a national monument mess, and we're glad to see he's an all around passionate guy — and keep an eye out for his red truck driving around the Lowcountry, it'll likely be loaded with his carvings for sale.

Curious to know more about Cox? Check out this 2012 Charleston City Paper profile.

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