Volvo driver on Highway 22 drives like a jerk, gets just desserts

A video that is going viral shows a group of 400+ bikers on a ride and a rather impatient person driving a Volvo. The video was shot on Highway 22 near North Myrtle Beach, Here is what the uploader of the video says about the ordeal: 

"Before you judge this video know that this was a sanctioned, cop escorted ride where people weren't suppose to be allowed to pass these bikes as they were given a chance previously. This woman in the Volvo wanted to pass 400+ bikes on the grass shoulder. She learns her car isn't an off-road vehicle and almost takes out multiple bikers in the process"

However, reports that, "Police confirmed the crash, but say there was no police escort."

At any rate, the lesson learned is, don't drive like a jerk and respect motorcyclists. 

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I respect bikes, I still have

I respect bikes, I still have my license just no bike now, too many bad drivers here today.

I don't respect a group of bikers hogging both lanes of a road and driving less than the speed limit and swerving in and out of lanes.

The left lane is for passing only, not for cruising down the road, many drivers of cars are at fault with this rule, I sometimes wonder if they are ignorant or stupid, then I wonder if they are just rude people.