893 Grays Highway, Ridgeland, SC.  Saturday October 26, 11:00am to 6:00 pm.  Authors Jack Gannon & Cyndi Williams-Barnier approached September Oaks Vineyard in an effort to put together an event for our talented Lowcountry authors. To date the event is booming, with 22 Lowcountry authors already signed up.  A little about September Oaks...its a family owned boutique winery located in the historic Lowcountry of County Carolina.  Uniquely crafted, September Oaks wines are handmade from local and regional Muscadine and Lenoir grapes, so you taste Dixie in every sip.  We invite you to visit the Tasting Room to experience true Southern hospitality as you try all of the current available wines.  Their friendly and knowledgeable wine consultants are there to guide you.  Meet authors (Tim Johnston)(Quitman Marshall)(Warren Slessinger)(Jacquelyn Markham)(Steve Johnson)(Teresa Bruce)(Janet Harter Garrity)(Virginia Jennings)(Wanda Lane)(Stephanie Austin Edwards)(Pat Branning)(Valerie Sayers)(T.L. Bliss)(Olivia Stiffler)(Ethard Wendel Van Stee)(Roger Pinkney XI)(Ken Burger)(Carl T. Smith)(J.C. Fewell)(Linda Shirley Robertson)(Jack Gannon)(Cyndi Williams-Barnier)