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4:02 am on Friday March 2, 2012

City of Conway wants to go smoke free

Photo by TheDigitel Myrtle Beach City of Conway administrators will be seeking public input on an ordinance proposal to ban smoking for indoor public spaces. All of the current council members are in favor of the ordinance and will hold a public...
7:15 am on Saturday December 17, 2011

City of Myrtle Beach not interested in smoking ban; NMB close to vote

TheDigitel Myrtle Beach Ah yes, the ban of smoking in public places debate. Depending on who you ask, it's either a slippery slope of infringing on civil liberties that will kill small businesses or it's a long overdue ordinance that will please our...
5:32 am on Thursday November 17, 2011

The Great American Smokeout events in the Grand Strand

photo by flickr user Elfleda Celebrate more birthdays. That's the motto of the American Cancer Society in their effort to encourage smokers to kick the tobacco habit, taking the first step today during The Great American Smokeout. There are events...
10:24 am on Monday October 31, 2011

Florence goes smoke-free this week

Flickr user winnie's human Starting tomorrow, November 1st, smoking in public places in the City of Florence will be prohibited. Private designated smoking areas are excluded from the ordinance including open air areas like patios and decks. Someone...
6:52 am on Thursday July 28, 2011

Will Myrtle beach follow suit with a smoking ban?

Flickr user mikebroatch Quit Yet? With Florence prepping to go Smoke Free this November, does that mean that a smoke free Myrtle Beach is just around the corner? This was one of the topics of discussion at last Tuesday's city workshop. Members of...