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2:20 am on Friday July 27, 2012

Cru Cafe goes homemade in local organic vegetable craze

Image by Flickr user "elidelaney" If organic vegetables are popular at restaurants these days, then local vegetables are the high school quarterback -- and Cru Catering is pouncing on the opportunity by setting up some garden beds outside their...
10:48 am on Thursday October 7, 2010

Cru Café's John Zucker signs on as Oak's new executive chef

Image by Photo providedThe Indigo Road and Steve Palmer have announced that John Zucker will join the iconic Charleston restaurant Oak Steakhouse as executive chef. “John is a talented and well-respected chef and established in the Charleston...
12:08 pm on Monday December 7, 2009

Henry's and Cru Café tag team Market Street

Image by Flickr user Ambrosio PhotographyHenry's on the Market Street has kicked it up a notch with their fully remodeled interior and rooftop deck, but to add fuel to the fire they're now serving up food from Cru Café. John Zucker's Cru Café is...
12:15 pm on Saturday August 9, 2008

Cru Cafe gets thumbs up

Image by Cru CafeImage by 20080809mac.jpg This seemingly simple dish, macaroni and cheese, in the hands of Cru Cafe chefs has led to historical deeds. Cru Cafe recently got a really stellar review in The Post and Courier, courtesy of Deidre Schipani...