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4:22 am on Tuesday August 11, 2009

Inside and out, the old Power House is ready for a remake

Image by North CharlestonImage by 20090811-powerhouse.jpg The old Power House when it wasn't so old. The old Power House in North Charleston recently had new life breathed into its exterior when massive mechanical additions were pulled from its...
5:27 am on Saturday June 27, 2009

A little elbow grease later, the old powerhouse is revealed

Image by Jim Augustin/City of North CharlestonImage by 20090627-after.jpg For some fun, toss in your favorite photo-editing program to compare before and after. The restoration of the powerhouse on the former Charleston Navy Base got visibly...
7:29 pm on Sunday July 27, 2008

Saving the mundane to majestic, group seeks to save items from landfills

Image by Flickr user Montrasio InternationalImage by 20080727_waste.jpg Don't let it all go to waste. The group will be selling off items reclaimed from the The Cigar Factory, which is on National Register of Historic Places. If you've ever tried to...