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3:28 am on Thursday July 24, 2014

Episcopal schism trial: It's not a religious matter

The judge presiding said the matter of who owns church property is a matter of secular laws.
5:01 am on Friday July 18, 2014

Lawsuit for church property continues

The lawsuit to decide who owns some $500 million in S.C. Episcopal church property has completed eight days of testimony.
9:57 pm on Monday December 30, 2013

Effort to call church split a conspiracy fails to gain legal traction

A judge differed with the Episcopal Church's opinion that a split by S.C. churches in 2012 was actually part of a conspiracy.
4:51 am on Thursday June 27, 2013

S.C. Episcopalians start over after church split

A gathering in Charleston on Wednesday brought together church leaders and members of The Episcopal Church following the departure of many S.C. parishes from the national church in 2012.
11:45 pm on Monday June 10, 2013

Case between Episcopal Church and Diocese of South Carolina sent back to state court

A broken union between the Diocese of South Carolina and The Episcopal Church continues to work its way through the legal system, with the latest turn sending a legal challenge by the national church back to state court.
10:34 am on Tuesday June 4, 2013

Pensions come into question as Episcopal churches split

A split between to Episcopal church groups continues to cause friction as the pensions as a request to move the pensions of non-clergy employees has gone unfulfilled.  Here are details from a release: CHARLESTON, SC, June 3, 2013 – The retirement...
5:54 am on Wednesday March 6, 2013

In Episcopal dispute, both church groups lay claim to diocese name

A split between the national Episcopal Church and an offshoot local group is continuing with both sides now claiming they are the only side authorized to use the name the "Diocese of South Carolina".