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7:00 am on Monday July 9, 2012

Mount Pleasant home development would share space with Civil War fort site

Image by Google MapsA plan for the 600-home development Oyster Point on the rural outskirts of Mount Pleasant didn't sit well with neighbors when first announced, and the land's historic site designation will likely make the plans all that much...
10:19 pm on Sunday June 3, 2012

Notes on Quotes-Edgar Allan Poe on Sweating It Out!

By Gordon Mercer and Marcia Gaines Mercer         “The best things in life make you sweaty.”  Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849    Author and poet, Edgar Allan Poe, was stationed in the U. S. Army at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island under the name of...
2:00 am on Tuesday July 14, 2009

Charleston's forgotten fort: Castle Pinckney

Image by The Soldier in Our Civil WarImage by 20090713-pinckney.jpg Castle Pinckney during the Civil War.Charleston Magazine has a great piece on Charleston Harbor's forgotten fort, Castle Pinckney, located on Shutes Folly - that marshy island with...
3:56 pm on Monday December 8, 2008

Fort Johnson 300 years later

Image by Cartography AssociatesImage by 20081208-fort-johnson.jpg A partial view of Fort Johnson as seen on February 13, 1861. View larger. Most of the original fortification were likely already lost to history. A tourist in Charleston often hears...