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5:54 am on Thursday June 21, 2012

Rip My Shred Stick: #MYR Video

Hurley on Instagram Thanks to Hurley, Myrtle Beach truly had something special planned for International Surfing Day.  Myrtle Beach was fortunate that the Hurley "Rip My Shred Stick"surf contest took place on International Surfing Day. Groms from...
8:00 am on Monday June 20, 2011

International Surfing Day

Flickr user TheDigitel Myrtle Beach Update 6/20 Pictures: Below are some photos from the Surf Clinic and Beach sweep from this past Saturday. If you have some photos we'd love to see them and share them with our readers. The guys over at Foamy...
4:59 pm on Thursday June 19, 2008

Summer of Surf comes to Folly

Image by flickr user Brett L.Image by 20080619surf.jpg Hit the beach during International Surfing Day. If you've been looking for an excuse to go surfing, you finally have it. Friday (June 20th) is International Surfing Day. This unofficial,...