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4:02 am on Monday March 17, 2014

Lawmakers add precedent in college censorship

A poltical debate with some S.C. legislators has left public colleges with funding at the cost of freedom.
3:22 am on Wednesday March 3, 2010

S.C. lawmakers plan to cut funding to 26,000 people with disabilities

The Associated Press is reporting that South Carolina lawmakers are considering cutting all services for nearly 26,000 people with disabilities in an attempt to plug a $560 million budget hole in the Palmetto State. Parents of disabled children and...
4:50 am on Tuesday December 29, 2009

Governor, lawmakers engaged in $30 million disability lawsuit

Governor Mark Sanford and lawmakers have been slapped with a lawsuit from advocates for disabled South Carolina residents that say they've slashed services after illegally sending more than $30 million federal stimulus dollars to a state savings...
3:54 pm on Wednesday January 28, 2009

Lawmakers push for ultrasound viewing before abortions

Image by Flickr user dental benImage by 20090105-ultrasound.jpg A "3D" ultrasound image of a fetus. Update January 28: Another bill that would require women to wait 24 hours after getting an ultrasound is making it's way through a House subcommittee...
4:46 pm on Thursday January 15, 2009

S.C. Legislature prepares invitation for Obama to speak at Capitol

South Carolina's Legislature has introduced a pair of bills that would congratulate and invite Barack Obama to address the states lawmakers from the House chambers. From the House bill: That the members of the South Carolina General Assembly, by...
12:49 pm on Friday December 19, 2008

You were saying? Counting how much your U.S. rep talks

Image by Flickr user SuperFantastic Image by 20081219-lips.jpg He's not saying, but Capitol Words will tell you what lawmakers have been talking about. Hopping to shed some insight into who's talking in Washington about what, the new Web site "...