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4:38 pm on Monday January 4, 2010

Muscadines: The grape of the South also caries a bit of its soul

Image by Flickr user lucianvenutian If that photo doesn't make you long for warmer days ... Squire Fox has penned a nice piece about the Lowcountry's abundanat muscadine vines and how the little-know vines have a rich tradition about them. She...
11:03 am on Sunday August 24, 2008

Grape Stomping Festival offers fun, music, and BBQ

Image by Irvin~House VineyardsImage by 20080824grapestomp.jpg Pure grape-stomping fun. Stomp some grapes and enjoy some Lowcountry favorites at Irvin~House Vineyards. The event is Saturday (August 30) from 2 to 6 p.m. at the vineyard on Wadmalaw...
3:08 pm on Tuesday June 24, 2008

Sweet Tea Vodka reaches 1st place in S.C.

Image by Firefly VodkaImage by 20080624firefly.jpg A press release reports that the "locally-produced Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka became the number one selling flavored vodka in South Carolina, surpassing the ever-popular Van Gogh Espresso Vodka and...