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4:08 am on Monday August 1, 2011

Some Horry County elementary schools at capacity

Simon Kendrick Nine different schools in Horry County are in "red-zone" status. That means the number of students registered for a particular school put that school at or above their operating capacity. This causes problems for parents that request...
2:53 am on Wednesday October 7, 2009

North Charleston constructing new elementary school

Image by Flickr user Rob IretonImage by 20091007-class.jpg In hopes of easing severe overcrowding, a brand new elementary school is on the horizon for North Charleston's portion of Dorchester District 2.  The Post and Courier has the brief. Update,...
3:29 am on Friday February 6, 2009

A squeeze on popularity: City cracks down on bar overcrowding

Image by Flickr user Streb Image by 20090206-occupancy.jpg If I can't get to the bar, the lack of alcohol tends to send me packing anyways. If the crowd in your favorite bar has seemed thinner and the line longer, it's likely a by product of the...
8:05 am on Tuesday August 26, 2008

Parole system falters as prisons swell

A system once used as more of a reward for well-behaved offenders is increasingly being used for its cost-saving benefit, according to The Post and Courier. Read more stories on this subject in our parole topic page.It costs some $14,000 to house a...