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5:23 am on Monday April 8, 2013

Taxi drivers balk at $5 maximum fare

Didn't know downtown Charleston taxi cab rides were capped at a basic fare of $5? You wouldn't be alone as many drivers aren't following the ordinance, and new pressure to comply is provoking possible protest.
4:53 am on Saturday February 16, 2013

Human remains found at Gaillard site could date back to 1720s

A total of 27 graves have been found and the current thinking places the site as far back as the 1720s, and that part of the Charleston peninsula had yet to be settled.
6:25 am on Monday February 27, 2012

Pair of housing developments offer more proof of Charleston rebound (update: groundbreaking)

Image by Flickr user drubuntu Updates are at the bottom: A pair of large development announcements offer yet more evidence the Charleston development is on the up and up once again. The Post and Courier writes that two developments have popped up...
11:04 am on Saturday November 19, 2011

In a vision of SoHo, a 'NoMo' takes shape on the upper Peninsula

Image by Flickr user sbisson The area described is roughly the lower-left portion of the Peninsula. SoHo is a cultural hub for Lower Manhattan, and now forward thinkers see the Charleston Peninsula on the east side above Huger Street and transited...
6:14 am on Monday August 22, 2011

College of Charleston students literally feel the housing squeeze

Image by TheDigitelThere are two clashing realities for College of Charleston students: A relatively finite amount of downtown housing, and a nearly always increasing freshmen class size. Even if you've never been a College of Charleston student, if...
1:33 pm on Monday February 7, 2011

Innovative home ideas pitched for Charleston's smaller lots in the historic district

Image by Flickr user troylemieurWhile many lots on the Charleston peninsula already have homes constructed on them, there are a few lots that have just been too small to bother with. And that was the problem a group of architects tried to tackle...
5:04 pm on Wednesday January 5, 2011

Christmas on King Street

I feel like I missed nearly all of Christmas in Charleston. I feel like I missed all of the New Year’s activities also, because, well, I did. But most of all, I missed Charleston itself.  Being gone half a month from this place will do that to you...
9:44 am on Monday November 29, 2010

Engineer: If Charleston's historic drains were kept clean they'd still serve well today

Image by Flickr user Dustin Phillips Rain: A problem in Charleston in 1850, a problem today.Update November 29, close but no cigar: Laura Cabiness, the city's director of public services, has responded with her own column.  In it she explains that...
5:57 pm on Saturday October 2, 2010

Kathleen Wilson completes 16 mile swim around the Charleston peninsula

Image by Flickr user jon smith 'una nos lucror' Congratulations to local professional long distance swimmer (and harpist for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra) Kathleen Wilson has completed a 16.25 mile swim around the Charleston peninsula. Take a...
5:26 am on Thursday September 23, 2010

In response to spike in slayings, Charleston police promise to step up their game

Image by Flickr user Jason RojasA recent rash of killings on the peninsula has prompted Charleston police to crank it up and notch and start working longer shifts and honing in on the violence-prone neighborhoods. Five people have been killed since...