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1:16 pm on Saturday July 5, 2014

UFO spotted on July 4th in Myrtle Beach?

***Insert Will Smith, Independence Day joke here*** Was there a black object flying around near 72nd Avenue N. and 82nd Avenue N.?  One eagle-eye resident seems to think so, Redditor 'onebat4u' posted this on the /r/MyrtleBeach subreddit last night...
8:26 am on Tuesday February 25, 2014

Did you know: Waccamaw Pottery/Shops was one of the largest outlet malls in the U.S.?

That's right, Waccamaw Pottery/Shops was once the third-largest outlet mall in the United States. via Wikipedia "The original Waccamaw Pottery building in Myrtle Beach is still standing, part of the nearly empty Waccamaw Factory Shoppes complex,[4] ...
8:03 am on Monday February 24, 2014

Myrtle Beach FAQ from the folks over on Reddit

For those who don't know, Reddit is 'the front page of the internet', meaning most of the cool, interesting or memetastic things we all love to share on Facebook or that pop up on blogs more than likely started over at Reddit. Some of you may not...
1:58 pm on Monday January 13, 2014

Full Metal Jacket is top-rated movie set in SC

According to IMDB and with some help of Redditor, Jakubisko the above map shows all of the top-rated movies from each state. In our opinion Full Metal Jacket is a pretty boss pick, and the best parts of that film are set in South Carolina, but is it...
12:30 pm on Monday January 13, 2014

R/MB MEET UP IDEAS -Local Redditor organizing a meetup

Do you fancy yourself a redditor? Are you addicted to the 'front page of the internet'? If so hop on over to this post and make plans tp meet up with like-minded interweb 1337z... by the-mp on Reddit "Let's talk through the what/when/where of...
9:18 am on Tuesday September 10, 2013

My favorite street to the beach (38th Ave. N)

Reddit user NeimanMarxist started a thread on the /MyrtleBeach subreddit about their favorite street to the beach, join their discussion over at Reddit or let us know your favorite street to the beach/beach access spot...
5:46 pm on Monday May 27, 2013

Charleston Reddit community meetup at Gene's

Reddit, the self-described “Front Page of the Internet,” has scheduled their Global Meetup Day for Saturday, June 15th.
11:32 am on Saturday December 29, 2012

Charleston Redditors launch a local wiki guide

"where to live?", "where to eat/drink?", and "I'll be in town for X days, what should I do?": these are the questions the users of the Charleston Reddit hope to offer a la carte with their new wiki section.
7:39 am on Friday August 17, 2012

Bull shark surprises Cherry Grove fishers (Update: Still hanging out in Cherry Grove)

Wait for it.... (language warning)Update at the bottom. In the above video, some visitors to the area got a surprise while fising in the rain in Cherry Grove on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  The video has been on the front page of the popular web...
11:49 am on Saturday July 14, 2012

In video: Bull shark surprises South Carolina fishers

Wait for it ... (Language warning.)In the above video, some visitors to the North Myrtle Beach area got a large and toothy surprise while fising on Tuesday, July 10.  The video has been on the front page of the popular web repository Reddit and has...