The next move launched way, way back in May 2008 — it’s hard to believe that it’s been nine years.

At this marker, we’ve realized the amount of time we’re able to put towards moderating and generating content has greatly diminished, so we’re putting the site into archive mode.

All user-generated content will be preserved and remain online. However in the coming days, no new content will be allowed and the daily briefing newsletters will cease.

TheDigitel began as a way to explore the future of local journalism, a future as a collaborative crowd-sourced effort that put the architecture of the web at the heart of the reading experience. That vision was partially realized but we weren’t able to furnish enough runway to truly get the idea to take off. Still, I’m very proud of what we did achieve, the voices we helped spread, and the relationships we fostered.

It was a great idea, great experience, and one that is close to my heart in its virtues and locals, but it’s time to free up efforts to focus on other ways to innovate.

Thanks to our readers, thanks twice over to contributors, and thrice to all those that personally dug in to push TheDigitel to be all it could.

Something to add? Would love to hear your thoughts:

— Ken Hawkins, May 13, 2017

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