Tooting Egret restaurant and florist closes (Updated)

The Tooting Egret

(Updates at the bottom.)

After opening at the corner of Scott and Craven streets in April 2011, word is The Tooting Egret shop, bistro restaurant, and florist has closed. 

The owner sent out a short note last night:

The Tooting Egret is closing. The Shop will remain open for a week or so while we have a HUGE sale (50% off), but the restaurant has ceased operation as of today.

Simply put, this is a very sad day for all of us who worked so hard to have this venture be a success. And it was a success in most ways. I am so proud of my staff – they have always treated as their own and it showed. I am so lucky to have worked with them over the past year. I am also very lucky to have met most of you. You have made this venture worthwhile while it tried to find its way.

Update June 9: The Island Packet has followed up with some more details about the three-in-one business closing up shop (read that here).

Nothing too surprising: the main reason for closure was noted as an inability to turn a profit.

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