Music to Your Mouth series returns with host Gail Simmons (update: video)


Update November 23, video: The series is over, but WSAV went out to the cullinary festival and has a short video.

There aren't a lot of surprises but it will give you a feel for the event; take a watch here.

First reporting: Palmetto Bluff's Music to Your Mouth series down in Bluffton is runs November 15th to the 21st, with the key events kicking off later in the week.

Though most of the events are on the pricier side (generally well over $50 on everything except the 5K) it's the best culinary event you'll find this side of Charleston in South Carolina and features events with highbrow titles like the "Chocolate Decadence Grace Cruise" ($100) that offers a cruise along the May River aboard an antique yacht, and the key saturday "Culinary Festival" ($200) that will be hosted by the well-known judge of BRAVO’s series Top Chef, Gail Simmons.

If you're interested in going, you can learn about all the events (and buy tickets) on this page, and The Island Packet has a short profile of Simmons' coming to town