Closure and reflection after Beaufort High principal exits over grade alterations

Former Beaufort High Principal Dan Durbin.

While there are many who are still not pleased over Principal Dan Durbin's forced exit from Beaufort High School, the Beaufort County School District has placed its foot down on the possibility of re-instating Durbin.

In an internal district e-mail, Superintendent Valerie Truesdale wrote, "Our task, and our challenge, is to preserve the honor of Beaufort High School and to restore confidence in the data systems."

In an editorial The Island Packet backs up the district's line of thinking, saying that while Durbin's intent may have been admiral his unilateral actions risk raising too many questions and set a poor example.

Indeed, while school administrator's may have much to learn from Durbin's intent, there were ways a principal could have adjusted student's grades in a more transparent and approved system.

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