South Carolina and Georgia go to war over the peach

Flickr user Robert S. Donovan

For over a century, Georgia has claimed the peach as theirs--but it looks as though they have some competition in our own homestate of South Carolina.

Georgia's covered in peaches: They're on the official state quarter, the state's license plates, and all over Atlanta's street signs. But in reality, South Carolina has shipped out over double the amount of the fruit as Georgia as thus far this summer--and it's been that way since the '50s.

Last week, South Carolina hosted a regional peach conference, forcing Georgia peach farmers to cross into enemy territory. And it doesn't stop there--the University of Georgia is officially closing its peach program at the end of the month.

The debate has been heated for quite some time now: Who has the better-tasting peach? A unanimous agreement isn't on the horizon, so I guess for the time being, you'll have to form your own opinion.

Check out more about the great South Carolina vs. Georgia peach debate over at The New York Times' report here.

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