Of the Beaufort-Port Royal area's shrimp issues

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A perfect storm of sorts is hanging over the Lowcountry's shrimp season and could serve to destroy an already-struggling industry.

According to reports, a cold, cold winter has severely hampered the local shrimp population, forcing state officials to hold off on opening the commercial season until late June.

You can check out The Island Packet for a combined local/AP report on that.

As it has been over the past several years, increased costs, mosly relating to fuel, are also continuing to place stress on area shrimpers who just can't keep up.

Things have gotten so bad that the Town of Port Royal is reconsidering its subsidy of the 11th Street shrimp dock, as boaters are failing to pay rent there. And if you don't pay rent, you might not get fuel. And no fuel means no shrimp.

Head back over to The Island Packet for that story, too. 

All in all, these local issues combined with the foreign market having problems of its own could mean that shrimp cocktail will cost you a whole lot more this summer.

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