Beaufort's Bay Street to get a new pub? (update: try West Street, and Irish)

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Update February 7: We had heard South African, then British, then Scott Street … well The Island Packet tracked down some more details.

Turns out Irish is the pub style and the location is the old Breakwater spot on West Street — get some scant details in the brief over here.

We'll keep digging and let you know what we hear. 

First reporting, November 2010: According to the Main Street Beaufort, USA, Facebook page, downtown Beaufort's Bay Street is due to get a new pub.

This is good news, especially as we're in the midst of several announcements that businesses are closing.

Word is the new pub will occupy the space that once held Kathleen's. Kathleen's closed in September. 

We don't have a lot to offer, yet, on what type of pub this will be, or really any details for that matter. But according to Main Street it's expected to open in about two months.

You can check out the Main Street post here.

Like I said, this is good news at what's been a tough time. You can read up on all of the recent closings, including that of Caffino and Bistro Patois, here at our topic page. 

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