Port Royal's Old Towne Coffeehaus closes its doors (update: It's opened, now closed)


Update May 30: The Island Packet has a follow up report on the Coffeehaus closing up for good.

It's still staying shut, but they talk a bit more about the hole it will leave in the community; take a read here.

Updated May 23, closed again: So now it appears this will be the fastest open-shut-open again-shut again of all time.

According to a sign up on the front window, the Old Towne Coffeehaus in Port Royal will again close it doors - for good - on May 25.

You can check out the photo below for the why:


Updated May 6: In what has to be the fastest open-shut-open again turnaround of all time it appears the Old Towne Coffeehaus will reopen on Monday morning.

That's according to a Facebook post from Port Royal Town Manager Van Willis.

That's all the detail we have right now, but look for the Coffeehaus to be open at 7 a.m. Monday.

Reported May 2: The 'for rent' sign, the posters out of the windows, and the dark building tell you all you need to know: Old Towne Coffeehaus in Port Royal is out of business.

No word on why the Paris Avenue coffee shop closed, but it did so just over the past couple of days.

We'll check in to see what, if anything, comes in to take its place.

Recently that stretch of Paris Avenue has been in the news after the town bought The Shed to host events and other community-centric gatherings.

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