Beaufort neighborhood alarmed over reports of bait and switch construction

Not the incident or those in question, but you get the idea.

Neighborhood residents and officials are growing increasingly concerned amid reports of fraudulent contractors operating whithin the Pigeon Point area.

The persons are said to be targeting the area's older citizens with a promise of hard work at low prices, only to hike prices upon the projects completion. One incident reported by a neighborhood watch group allegedly involved an elderly couple being presented with a bill of $800 which they paid in advance. Yet upon the works completion, a further bill of over $8,000 was presented to the couple, with threats made against both them and their house should it remain unpaid.

City patrol officers, Public Works employees, Waste Pro route drivers and Greenery personnel have been alerted to the suspicious activity, while neighborhood residents have been encouraged to remain conscious of recent events and mindful that all valid contractors will have a blue city business license in the window of their truck.

For more information or to report an incident, contact Beaufort City Comptroller Mack Cook at (843) 321-0821.

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