Beaufort police investigate mid-day drive-by shooting attempt (update: Suspect arrested)

Joshua Oliver

Updated July 22: The Beaufort Police Department Facebook page just posted that Joshua Oliver has been arrested and will be charged with attempted murder.

The Island Packet is reporting that Oliver turned himself in.

Check out the Packet report here.

Reported July 20: Reports abound regarding an investigation into an apparent drive-by shooting attempt in the middle of downtown Beaufort on Tuesday afternoon.

We'll just go ahead and say it: This is not what you want to hear during the height of what's one of the busiest tourism times of the year. 

We'll send you over to The Island Packet for its writeup of the incident. 

The Beaufort Police Department has identified the suspect as 17-year-old Joshua Oliver.

Also worth noting is that WTOC went with the headline, "Shots fired near Water Festival." Again, not what you want to be promoting this time of year, or really any time of year.



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