Welcome to August, the real start of 2012's hurricane season


August is the second, meaner start the annual hurricane season.

Though the 2012 season isn't expected to be much outside of normal, we've been trekking through the quiet months and already we've had a couple come-earlies, see: Beryl, Debby.

But some 93% of the storms, on average, await the season in the coming months, with the season peaking around September 10 and ramping up the first few days in August as the wind shear coming across the Atlantic drops allowing for more tropical cyclone formation.

August and September also span the most risk for storms to strike at the Lowcountry from north of Cuba, with the October pattern being more conductive to Gulf of Mexico storms that, when they do threaten the Lowcountry, often first cut across Florida.

So, if you haven't yet, trim those trees and do any household repairs — there's no good reason to put them off and you'll likely be able to haggle a much better price now than before a storm is forecast. 

533 August, September, October: peak hurricane months

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