Federal class action lawsuit lodged over Ridgeland speed cams (update: judge rules in favor of Ridgeland)

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Update April 30: A district court judge has ruled on several portions of the class action lawsuit again Ridgeland regarding the speed cameras on I-95, and it's looking good for the town.

Head on over to the Jasper County Sun for its report on the judge's ruling in favor of Ridgeland and on how other sections of the lawsuit were tossed.

Update February 26, more allegations: The lawyer suing the Ridgeland group has asked the judge to add a host of other allegations.

Sought are the addition of racketeering and wire and mail-fraud charges.

Head over to The Island Packet for the info on the lawyer's latest moves.

Update February 3, countermove: While legislative pressure against Ridgeland's traffic cameras on I-95 continues to mount, the town and iTraffic are fighting back against a class action suit.

The general gist is that the mailed tickets are neither unlawful search and seizure, and that by paying fines, plaintiffs have forfeited their rights to sue. 

Curious? The Island Packet has the report you're wanting.

First reporting December 24: All the huff and puff over the legality of Ridgeland's traffic cameras on I-95 has finally resulted in a solid legal challenge.

One in state and two out of state plaintiffs have kicked off a federal class action lawsuit and seek to represent the "several thousand drivers who received State of South Carolina Uniform Traffic Ticket from the Ridgeland Police Department" for "illegal and unlawful arrests for violations of a municipal ordinance for speeding."

The Island Packet has a solid report on this latest turn and a copy of the filling.

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