Beaufort carriage companies say proposed rules won't fly (Update: Passes)

Update September 28: The Island Packet writes that the new rules have been approved.

Most notably, carriage operators will need to bid at least $25,000 for slots to run carriage tours — that's $15,000 more than in past years but about where bids settled five years ago. However even at that level, the city still expects to lose money from costs incurred to watch over the carriage companies.

Update September 21: The idea for enhanced tourbuggy rules and penalties continues to evolve, most recently with discussion at a city council workshop.

There's been little change in the overall scope, but more detailed ideas are coming out — I'll point you to The Island Packet's report for an overview.

WSAV also has a short report that's noteworthy as it chimes in on previous debate that having just one tourbuggy company would be for the best, well in some folk's minds at least.

First reporting September 20: As new rules gel that would dictate how (and how many) local tour companies operate in historic Beaufort, the two local carriage companies are balking.

Southurn Rose Buggy Tours and Sea Island Carriage Co. both say a three-strikes rule on ordinance violations is too harsh and they say that allowing up to four carriage companies won't be fair to residents. 

We'll forward you to The Island Packet for the scoop; read it here.

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