Riverview and County School District going to court over enrollment dispute

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Next week, Riverview Charter School and the Beaufort County School District are headed to U.S. District Court in Charleston to discuss an enrollment dispute.

The lawsuit was filed by Riverview in April and aims to clarify the terms of the school's contract with Beaufort County School District. These terms have been amended several times since 2008; the specific terms that are to be discussed regards a dispute over the number of students that Riverview coiuld enroll during the current school year.

In November 2010, the school board voted to limit the school's expansion for this school year to 38 students, bringing their enrollment total to 342 students. However, Riverview says that it should have been allowed to enroll a total of 380 students.

Why the big hub-bub over enrollment number? The number of enrolled students in Riverview affects the amount of money the school receives from Beaufort County School District.

Riverview contends that it's necessary to clarify the contract so it can make long-term projections regarding enrollment and budget.

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