Tax payments via credit card cost Beaufort County $1.5M (updated: county approves 3% fee if you're paying with plastic)

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Updated Dec. 3: Remember this story about how the county is paying more than $1 million in fees to credit card companies as a result of putting your property tax bill on plastic? Well the county has decided to institute a 3% fee for everyone who breaks out the credit card when heading down to the county building.

Check out the Island Packet update here.

Reported July 2: Whipping out the plastic to pay your property taxes is costing Beaufort County $1.5 million a year in fees, Bluffton Today reported.

The vicious cycle of how paying your taxes is contributing to fees that your taxes end up paying for leading to the need for more taxes and the creation of more fees is almost enough to make your mind explode, but before it does, go read the Bluffton Today story.

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