No-action: A 12-year big picture film drought in Beaufort

Flickr user dctennis

If you've wondered why Beaufort hasn't seen a big screen movie production come to town in the last 12 years, you won't have been the first.

The Island Packet's Patrick Donohue shares the story of the film drought, noting that at least 18 movies were filmed in part in Beaufort from 1980 to 2000, and none since. 

In part: "It's been 12 years since a major Hollywood film was shot in Beaufort, a drought that has many local and state leaders wondering whether the city will ever regain its lost luster in the face of a changing film industry and fierce competition from similarly serene and photogenic locations in neighboring North Carolina and Georgia."

Take a read here.

As for a more state-wide look at South Carolina's film industry woes, we pointed out one back in 2010.