Port Royal joins Facebook, but will citizen conversation follow?

Flickr user tonyhall
A conversation is always better than a bulletin board.

Back in mid-March, the Town of Bluffton officially joined Facebook. By my reckoning, it was the first non-county local government to do so. 

And so I asked: When will North of the Broad get with the meme? Apparently the answer was a bit more than 42, and closer to 67 days--and Port Royal is the first.

So with this, I'll give the town kudos and a link to their Facebook presence.

And for a bit of pondering, while Bluffton deserves acclaim for keeping its Facebook presence updated (which is, apparently, no small task in the realm of local institutions), it'd be good to see them encourage a bit more question-and-answer service on the conversation-oriented Facebook platform and use it as less of an information distribution service, something that a standard website does quite well.

Oh, and a quick kudos to Beaufort County for being on Facebook, too. But again, there's a lack of substantial gov-citizen interaction.