Couponing for beginners at TCL


More and more people are using coupons to save on purchases. You can save hundreds of dollars or more per year, so doesn't it just make sense to jump onboard? 
In this class at TCL, you will learn how to: 
Understand coupons - types, where to find, rules. 
Know your stores - prices, policies. 
Shop for savings - brands, usage, stockpile, lists, clearance items, price matching, meal plans. 
Look for rotations - coupons, sale ads. 
Create a budget. 
Navigate coupon sites. 

Class schedule: 
Thursday, September 8, New River Campus from 6p-9:30p 
Saturday, November 5, Beaufort Campus from 9:30a-1p 

Cost for this class is $65. 

Contact TCL today for more information about our current and upcoming courses. 

843.525.8205 or [

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