Harbor Island Bridge briefly closed in boat collision (Updated)

YouTube user "TheReyFamily"

Update: The Island Packet offers a follow up report that notes little damage was imparted to the bridge or boat and that a crew member's injuries are not life-threatening. 

Yesterday the shrimp boat "The Brown-Eyed Girl" had mechanical problems and was being towed back, only the tow cable snapped near 8:30 p.m. and the shrimp boat drifted into the Harbor Island Bridge. 

The bridge was closed for a couple hours while the boat was dislodged and an initial inspection of the bridge was done to ensure the bridge was sound.

I'll point you to WTOC 11's report that has some submitted video from the scene; check it out over here or down below. The Island Packet also has a more thorough written report.

A more thorough inspection of the bridge is expected to be done today.

In 2007 the J.E. McTeer Bridge connecting Port Royal and Lady's Island was struck by a barge causing the bridge to be closed. The Harbor Island Bridge is the only land connection between St. Helena and Harbor Island.

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