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10X Your Digital Marketing: 4 Hour Bootcamp

10X Your Digital Marketing: 4 Hour Bootcamp

March 6th 2015 from 10:30-2:30pm

Hosted at the Maritime Building (Lunch will be provided)

215 East Bay, 4th Floor

Charleston, SC

Things we will cover:

Write web content that educates and builds trust (ultimately selling your offering)

Capture & nurture leads from your website (Email Marketing)

Get more traffic in a long term, sustainable way (SEO)

Use social media to garner targeted attention (Social Media)

Learn how to create cost-effective Digital Marketing Campaign that delivers

Personalized for your site

This class is limited in size for just 6 people, because I want to tailor the course material to your current website. We’ll talk about what aspects of your Web site you could improve and exactly how you should change them.

What if I’m not technical?

This isn’t about being tech savvy. It’s about understanding your customers and their needs. If you have basic computer skills – you are good to go : ).

What if I’m not getting any leads from my site?

If you aren’t generating leads from your site this course is extremely important for you – you’re leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of the most powerful marketing channels around.

We will discuss how you can go from zero sales (and visitors) to getting consistent traffic that turns into customers.

If you have traffic and an established Web presence, you’ll learn what it takes to reach more customers and take your business to the next level.

Who’s teaching this?


Hi, I’m Jamie Eilerman. I am a Lead Generation Consultant, teaching Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies to Businesses. My work involves WordPress, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Lead Generation.

I’ve been helping Startups and Small Businesses improve Sales & Marketing online since 2011. I’ve worked with businesses in many different industries, from Event Companies to Snack Distributors.

Seats are $250 per person.