The 4 Evolutionary Stages of Marketing

In The 4 Evolutionary Stages of Marketing, we go from word of mouth, to sales, to mass marketing, to a combination of previous methods. Which works best?

I'm sure you've seen the posts on social media with these "year in review" sites/apps out there. They compile your past 12 months worth of pictures and put them into an 80's style montage to remind people about why you are awesome. There was "flipgram" for Instagram right around the end of the year and now there's one for Facebook.

These programs are genius! The creators have done a great job of building the marketing INTO their product. Most people think about their business in compartments. Accounting | Product Development | Marketing | Sales | Customer Service | etc. Nothing overlaps and nothing intertwines. Today we'll talk about how that way of thinking is outdated and inefficient with the 4 evolutionary stages of marketing.

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